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This is the very first “Artist discography” published on my website. It will be followed in the coming months and years by other important projects with significant new discoveries, particularly regarding Art Pepper and Hal McKusick. Of course the list is not finished. I have many other discographical projects in preparation.


This Bob Gordon discography is based on several sources and on my own researches.




Arne Astrup – Zoot Sims Discography - 1980

Jack Brand – Sounds of the different drummer (Shelly Manne bio-discography) – 1997

Roy Porter and David Keller - There and Back - 1991

Gerard J. Hoogeveen – Meet Mr. Gordon (discography of Bob Gordon) – 1987

G.Hoogeveen/C.Hofmann - Two Can Play - The Music of Bob Gordon and Jack Montrose - 2009

Coen Hofmann – Man of many parts (discography of Buddy Collette) – 1985

Hans Henrik Lerfeldt & Thorbjørn Sjøgren – Chet (discography of Chet Baker) – 1985

Coen Hofmann & Erik Bakker – Shorty Rogers, A discography – 1983

The Discophile – London, Derek Coller – 1954, 1955, 1956

Michel Ruppli   Atlantic Label Discography

                        Capitol Label Discography (CD-ROM)

                        Decca Labels Discography

                        Mercury Labels Discography

                        Savoy Label Discography

                        Verve Label Discography


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My thanks to Ed Michel, the late Leon Leavitt, Gary Alderman, Jacques Fayard, Coen Hofmann, Art Zimmerman, William Carraro.


“One thing I am sure of is that a definitive discography does not exist! It is a complete illusion or simple vanity! It is never finished and always in progress, but it is a fascinating work that sometimes permits amazing discoveries. So, your corrections, additions, new informations, suggestions and miscellaneous comments will be greatly appreciated. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks for your attention and good reading!”


P.-M.Hellenbrand-Le Conte