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Welcome Jazz lovers and collectors,


My name is Pierre-Marie, I am a Jazz fan, record collector and a discographer for many years. I live in France, near Paris.


This site is obviously dedicated to Jazz discographies but not only Jazz. Before all, these works are devoted to Jazz musicians who were present in the recording studios and made possible an inexhaustible number of gems during the 20th century. Thus, you will also find discographies of singers, big bands leaders, exotica and "easy listening". Of course, no work is definitive and more specifically the discographical research which is, according to the well-known expression “a work in progress”.


As soon as new informations, corrections or new discographies become available, they will be indicated. You just have to click on “News & Recent entries”. Please check back on a regular basis to know the latest entries.


The discographies are based on several information sources, such as for example the works of Michel Ruppli, Walter Bruyninckx, Jack Mirtle, Tom Lord and many others, and of course they are also the result of my own researches for many years.


Please note that the use of this site is totally free and of non-commercial nature and goals.


I hope you will enjoy reading these discographies and will find there a large amount of useful information. Any informations, corrections, additions, comments will be greatly appreciated. Please send them by email to


Note : A lot of new discographies ready or in preparation will be added in the next weeks and months, as well as indexes of Albums Titles and many others things!


Many thanks for your attention and have a good visit